SMSBat company has a powerful tool for assisting in doing business for private and corporate clients. We realize SMS-dispatches for the lowest tariff not only throughout Ukraine, but also in other countries.

We offer:

  • Convenient and affordable interface
  • Reports and analytics
  • Application for sending SMS remotely
  • Automated SMS sending
  • Integration with the site
  • Sending with the help of 1C
  • AlphaName
  • International dispatches
  • Dispatches to mobile messangers
  • Scheduled dispatches

Nowadays SMS-dispatches are an integral part of mobile marketing and an effective sales tool.

Why you should cooperate with us:

  • We offer the lowest prices for SMS in Ukraine
  • We are the official partner of national telecom operators
  • We provide quality and reliable SMS-service and constantly work on its optimization and improvement
  • We guarantee the safety of your client base
  • We provide a 24-hour support system
  • We offer all popular payment systems

The specialists of our company have developed a guide for SMS-marketing for beginners for our customers, which will be available to you after registration.


The guide will allow you to understand all the niceties of the SMS-service: to create SMS-messages tuned for effective marketing; To choose the most productive days and time for SMS-dispatches to receive the best results for your project; To calculate the effectiveness of an advertising SMS-company for your project; To get the client's trust to your project through SMS- sending service and build an individual approach to the client