Discover the possibilities that Viber bots provide
Visibility Enable customers and prospects to find your Viber chatbot through the app's search bar and Explore screen
Full range of flexibility Offer online services, maintain customer relationships, distribute games, conduct surveys and more using Viber chatbots' diverse message formats
Quick subscription Automatically accept participation requests from users connected through your Viber Bots channel and give them the ability to manage their communication preferences.
Custom Tabs Create custom keyboards that show a set of possible responses that users can choose from to enable fast messaging and improve user experience
Comfortable communication using Viber chatbots
The joint integration with smsbat Conversations and Answers allows you to provide efficient and convenient customer support, combining the benefits of artificial intelligence chatbots and human agents for 24/7 service
Conversations Manage all your Viber messages from one workspace where your team has access to conversation history, customer profiles, message templates and other useful information for contextual and personalized support
Answers Develop a chatbot that will automatically answer frequently asked questions directly in Viber, and also allow you to transfer the conversation to a live agent without losing the history or context of the conversation

Viber Business Chatbot Rates

Other Countries0.0137 €
Armenia0.0138 €
Bangladesh0.004 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina0.0104 €
Bulgaria0.02 €
Croatia0.01388 €
Cyprus0.0138 €
Georgia0.0115 €
Germany0.0189 €
Greece0.0173 €
Hungary0.0115 €
Iraq0.0104 €
Lithuania0.0138 €
Moldova0.0138 €
Montenegro0.011 €
Myanmar0.004 €
Nepal0.0023 €
Philippines0.0025 €
Serbia0.015 €
Slovak Republic0.0138 €
Slovenia0.0058 €
Sri0.0023 €
Switzerland0.0173 €
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia0.0058 €
Ukraine0.0196 €
Viet Nam0.0104 €